Friday, December 18, 2009

Time Goes By

Well I can't believe it has been so long since I've logged on here. Its amazing how life changes over time. I can't say that it has been easy and all smiles, but things are changing. I graduate from WIU tomorrow. Unfortunately, Chan won't be able to make it down due to work. I am very glad for this chapter to be over! I wouldn't be walking across the stage tomorrow if it weren't for the love and support from my family and friends.

I got online to check my far all Bs, 1 A, and one that I don't know about. I missed an A by 6 points in one class and 4% in another. Oh well, considering the circumstances, I am very pleased with this!

Troy and I move to Michigan around the 27-28th of this month! How surreal! The moment I've been waiting for is finally here. I will be picking up some classes at the community college. Yea, that is right....I am going back to school. I am getting some of the basic classes that I would need for nursing taken care of and I am also going to take some more sign language classes. In the mean time, I am applying for jobs like crazy. If you know of anything....HOOK A GIRL UP!

My baby turned 1 September 28th! He is signing with Mama and anxiously waiting to spend more time with Daddy! This Christmas should be very interesting! He is starting to warm up to Santa, but hasn't shown tons of interest in opening presents! Maybe Mama's OCD is rubbing off and he just doesn't want a mess.....HA!

Our other big news.........JULY 31st is our wedding day!!! I bought my dress a couple weeks ago and love it! I'm sure there will be future posts about the stress of wedding planning, but I can't wait to officially be Christina Miller! WOW! That is a lil' spooky!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daily living

Well we are almost done calving DWI cattle.  We only have a couple more to go for now.  MCC cattle start calving the first of April and I am super excited about that!  We have a January heifer and steer, then twins, 2 heifers, and a steer so far in March.  The next one should calf in April and then another DWI break.  Once MCC start calving they should all be here in April.

Troy and I got home yesterday around 5 from Michigan.  Chan stayed in Michigan to finish getting cattle ready for OH Beef Expo and sale.  I really miss him and it has only been a day.  I don't know what I am going to do if we are only seeing each other on the weekends.  Chan is looking for jobs back in Michigan again.  At least I am done with school in December and planning on going to grad school in Michigan.

I just wish that we could catch a break for once.  I love my boyfriend and child, but some days life doesn't seem all that fair with the cards we've been dealt!

Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1.  I would do absolutely anything for my boyfriend and baby.
2.  I really REALLY really want my engagement ring!
3.  I am kinda a control freak and hate not being able to know what is happening in the future.
4.  I want to be done with school ASAP!
5.  I have secretly been planning my wedding in my head since Chan and I had the "future" talk.
6.  I am secretly addicted to the Real Housewives of Orange County.
7.  My baby brother is an amazing guy.
8.  Shorthorn cattle are my favorite spare time!
9.  When Chan and I finally have real money, I want to have Shorthorns, Simmis, Chis, and Maines.
10.  I want to get a tattoo with my son's initials on the back of my neck.
11.  I am going to be an aunt for the first time in September and I am so excited!!!
12. Chan has an interview on Monday and I am hoping with everything that he gets it.
13.  I have no idea where I want to go to grad school.
14,  My car is my worst enemy.
15.  I want to live in a world where I am not afraid of what the future holds for my child.
16.  I cry a lot lately.
17.  My dog has bad anal glands.
18.  My future in-laws are very excepting!
19.  I can't wait until Valentine's Day!
20.  If I had the choice between a high paying job with little stability or one with a lower income and stability, I would choose stability every time!
21.  The Real World is way too over dramatic!
22.  People who serve this country deserve the respect of everyone!
23.  I am downloading new music as we speak.
24.  My favorite song is My Best Friend by Tim McGraw.
25.  I want to go to Greece so badly it isn't funny!


So I got called at around 7:45 PM Thursday night by the lady who is in charge of the residential program that I work for.  One of the guys that I used to take care of had to be admitted to the hospital and because of his needs, he needed to have staff stay with him at the hospital overnight.  So...lucky me, I am currently pulling an overnight (1 AM-8 AM)!  I am going on only 3 1/2 hours of sleep too.  Right now, I am doing pretty okay with energy, but I have a feeling in another couple of hours I am going to really feel it.

Tonight is Kyle's Homecoming game.  So........after class gets out at 1:50 PM, I am headed to pick up my friend Allison's apt. key because Chan, Troy, Randie, and I will be staying there so we can get a little extra sleep before working at the Simmi sale tomorrow.  After that, pick Troy up from the babysitter, head home and hopefully get a little sleep, Kyle's game at 7, and then back into Macomb.  What a crazy day!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A life of my own

Things are finally looking up on this side of the mostly Miller family! Chan is working this week for a cattle sale (Wednesday-Saturday) and then I just got hired onto another dept. within the company that I currently work for. On Saturday, Randie and I are working at clerking the same sale that Chan is working.

On top of that, Chan finally got a car, he had a phone interview on Monday, and then got called by Dot for an interview on Monday!!! Hopefully he will get hired on at DOT. Maybe then we can finally move into a place of our own and have the life that I've been wanting finally start.

I also have been searching for a new car since I just paid mine off. If all goes as planned, I think I may be purchasing a Mazda Protege. I am so excited to finally have a car that won't freak me out so much!

What else.........OH!!! I can finally announce that I am going to be an AUNT in SEPTEMBER!!! I am so excited. I really hope that it is a girl even though they want it to be a boy. As long as they have a girl at some point I will be happy...that means I can spoil her rotten and never have to have another baby! I love Troy to death but lil' Miller is enough for us!

Troy Carter is 4 months old today! It doesn't seem possible. I am anxious to get to his doctor's appt. on the 4th and start him on rice cereal! He is too precious and is the light of my life!

Oh yea....Valentine's Day is coming up soon! I hope that I get something special this year. I didn't get anything for Christmas so I really hope that Chan does something to make it a special day for me....however, I'm not holding my breath!

Well for safe!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

...........hoping that everything is fine................hoping that I'm wrong..........feeling a lil bit like an excuse............thinking that this is not what was wanted.............praying that my gut is so wrong

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bipolar Lifestyle!

Why is it that guys have absolutely no clue? They always say that women are so hard to understand what they want, but I swear I could come right out and say, "Hey, I would love for you to do anything that shows that you love me. Put a little thought into; it doesn't have to be anything big. It could just be flowers, but surprise me." and he wouldn't get it.

I was a little frustrated with Chan because this was our first Christmas together under one roof and he didn't even get me anything...not even a card. I know that we have been tight with funds right now, but he could have at least gotten me a card....right? However; I told him that he could have a pass for this as long as he did something really good for me for Valentine's Day. The sad thing is I know that it won't happen. I don't want a big show or anything...I would just like for at least a little affection. I know that he loves me, but just because he has me, he doesn't have to stop showing it.

For once in my life I would love to be surprised by him, but I know him way to well. Hell...he will probably just slip an engagement ring on my finger and not even bother asking anymore at this point!


On the other end of the grant money went through today and I am dropping my check in the mail to pay off my car! The piece of shit 2000 Tracker is finally actually all mine! I will have the title in approximately 2 weeks. I will have all of my bills paid off by tomorrow! Yea! maybe now I will buy a new cell phone and a Bluetooth ear piece. I doubt it because something else will for sure come up, but it is nice to wish!