Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A life of my own

Things are finally looking up on this side of the mostly Miller family! Chan is working this week for a cattle sale (Wednesday-Saturday) and then I just got hired onto another dept. within the company that I currently work for. On Saturday, Randie and I are working at clerking the same sale that Chan is working.

On top of that, Chan finally got a car, he had a phone interview on Monday, and then got called by Dot for an interview on Monday!!! Hopefully he will get hired on at DOT. Maybe then we can finally move into a place of our own and have the life that I've been wanting finally start.

I also have been searching for a new car since I just paid mine off. If all goes as planned, I think I may be purchasing a Mazda Protege. I am so excited to finally have a car that won't freak me out so much!

What else.........OH!!! I can finally announce that I am going to be an AUNT in SEPTEMBER!!! I am so excited. I really hope that it is a girl even though they want it to be a boy. As long as they have a girl at some point I will be happy...that means I can spoil her rotten and never have to have another baby! I love Troy to death but lil' Miller is enough for us!

Troy Carter is 4 months old today! It doesn't seem possible. I am anxious to get to his doctor's appt. on the 4th and start him on rice cereal! He is too precious and is the light of my life!

Oh yea....Valentine's Day is coming up soon! I hope that I get something special this year. I didn't get anything for Christmas so I really hope that Chan does something to make it a special day for me....however, I'm not holding my breath!

Well for safe!

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